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Progress reports go out on Thursday and the teachers are up in arms because they can’t enter scores into their online gradebook. This isn’t because the internet is down or due to a device malfunction—it’s because the online gradebook isn’t able to share data with the student information system (SIS)...

Marisa Kaplan, EdSurge

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The Oklahoma SDE serves 512 traditional school districts, 28 charter school districts, 58 charter school sites, and over 1,795 schools. With over 693,700 students in the state, the OK SDE works hard to meet the challenging needs of students with educational technology.

Ariana Bauer, CPSI, Ltd.

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Data should maintain its meaning as it gets passed between schools, districts, and even states. Interoperability standards assist in providing solutions for increasing concerns over linking student, teacher, school, and district data to create actionable outcomes. 

Corey Matlack, No.Inc


We’ve been talking about interoperability since the beginning in 2009. It’s a key tenet of what we do... No one uses the word ‘Interoperability, but that’s what they [educators] are asking for.”

Mark Walls, Chief Product Officer


We are making progress constantly but the question is really, ‘Do users feel like we’re making enough progress fast enough?’”

Rob Paushter, Vice President of Product Development


When we see more adoption, we will work on automating and generalizing the approach. The tipping point will be when it is more efficient for us to build tools that give more control to administrative customers than it is to handle their requests manually”

Dan Cogan-Drew, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder


What you need in order for an API to work is for all districts to use the same set of standards to connect to vendors, but that is technically complicated.”

William McGuinness, Director of Product Management


Data interoperability is an imperative for multiple reasons. Regarding the high mobility rate within Providence Public Schools, it allows for students to have immediate access to the curricular tools and resources in their home school at the moment of entry, which ensures that there is no loss in learning time."

Cameron Berube, Director of Curriculum & Instruction


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