I’d rather see teachers spending their time working with students than manually entering data."

John Danner

CEO, Zeal

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Technology will never replace great teaching. Rather, it can help educators to inform instruction, save time, and improve student outcomes. In today's world, teachers spend too much time creating makeshift solutions to piece together data from disparate technologies and data platforms. This limits the potential to leverage student data and demands an increasing amount of effort and time from educators.



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On Friday, I review student work on in-class assessments for the week. My school uses educational software, and I want to see how my students are doing so I can differentiate and personalize my instruction. I send an email to the vendor asking for the results listing my school. I receive a pdf file via email from a tech vendor. The file contains the last name of all students in the school and a number of the number of items that are correct. After searching through the pdf for just my students, I have to hand type the results in my Google spreadsheet of grades translating the value of the items correct for a percentage grade.

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