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Meet the modern age. We recognize the value of technology in education but the lack of interoperability inhibits our ability to make data actionable. Unlock the potential through your commitment to data interoperability. 




  • CoSN Interoperability Report: Read why interoperability standards matter in K-12 education. CoSN has produced a report that showcases perspectives from district and school leaders and makes the case for data interoperability. 

  • EdSurge Research Guide in Interoperability: In this guide, you’ll find case studies from the perspective of educators and administrators, as well as a series of profiles that share how companies are thinking, planning and guiding their product development process to address these user needs.

  • Four Reasons Why Vendors Should Prioritize Interoperability: Your customers are demanding interoperability. As more and more school districts commit to procuring interoperable EdTech products and platforms, it's important for vendors to stay ahead of the curve. 

  • CoSN IT Survey Report: This year, CoSN surveyed hundreds of district decision-makers and the vast majority reported data interoperability as a top initiative.



of districts are planning, partially implemented, and fully implemented data interoperability (CoSN, 2017)

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