Vendors take the pledge to improve data interoperability in K-12


SAN DIEGO, CA - Today Project Unicorn expanded its reach to 21 edtech vendors from across the country by signing a pledge to commit to improving data interoperability in K-12 education. These vendors are joining 419 school systems who have signed the Project Unicorn district pledge. Led by InnovateEDU, Project Unicorn has developed a core set of principles around the safe and secure access to education data for schools and districts, and school systems and vendors have pledged to adhere to these principles. This commitment sends a clear signal to the K-12 education technology market that there is a need for access to education data to transform teaching and learning.


Project Unicorn is an educational advocacy initiative with partners including Digital Promise, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, CoSN, IMS Global, Ed-Fi Alliance, ISTE, Future Privacy Forum, Data Quality Campaign, Common Sense Media, CEDS, EdSurge, and Getting Smart that aims to make the broader case for secure interoperability by working in partnership with school systems and vendors to ensure all parties understand its importance and benefits. The vendor pledge is creating a supply side push for interoperability by identifying tools and vendors that are committed to integrating interoperability into their roadmap. Project Unicorn also released a series of tools for vendors to better understand interoperability and meet the demand of the marker including a vendor bootcamp, infographics, and a primer on why investing matters. Strong data security and privacy safeguards are at the core of Project Unicorn.


“The biggest issue I face is the lack of access to relevant information that gives a 360-degree view of student progress, student needs, and student history” states Brett Emerson, a teacher at Shelby County Schools. According to COSN Survey of District Chief Technology Officers, seventy-two percent of districts are already at varying stages of implementing data interoperability. Project Unicorn strives to catalyze this growing demand for interoperability, and is working with vendors to prioritize data interoperability into their technologies.


“Districts can then choose the best software for the purpose instead of getting locked into a vendor because that vendor can integrate data among their modules. Vendors can begin to design their software [for interoperability] that way, too. They can begin to look at the market differently and can chase parts of the market they may not have otherwise gone after.” Josh Klein, formerly Chief Information Officer, Portland Public Schools.


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